About kennel

EHO NAGONIA Kennel is a new one, it is related to Rhodesian Ridgeback Club (Moscow, KPC «Elite» OANKOO, RKF).

Our Kennel appeared due to our favourite pet – Rhodesian Ridgeback Nataly Nagonia (or Demka as we call her). Demy is the only dog at our house at the moment, but not the last one. All our family (Andrey, husband, daughter Nastia and son Alexey) takes part in Demy's life. Any of us copes with the dog without any effort. Andrey's business is to get us to the place where the exhibition is held, Nastia presents Demy at Moscow exhibitions and takes part in Young Handlers Competitions. They have already won several times and got prizes at monobreed exhibitions in 'Child and Dog' Competition and all of us are very proud that Demy so easily copes with Demy.

Nataly has titles of Champion of Russia, Moldova, Belorussia, Bosnia and Herzegovina; judging by all the titles all together she's a Multichampion. hi fact, she continues traditions of both of her parents. The father and grandfather are undisputed inter- and multi-champions. Nataly's Father is Lovfellans Master, brought to Russia from Sweden, grandfather in her mother's me - Verbus Demibaf Exotic, the first champion among RR-of Russia and has a lot of offsprings-champions.

Nataly's puppies are also keeping pace with the mother and win, there are wins among puppies, uniors and the first senior champion - Adam Ridge Kardigan.

25 September 2005 puppies were born in our kennel aftej Nataly Nagonia's outer mating. The father is the 3r in rating of the best 10 exhibition RR of Finland, was brought to "Harjaselan" kennel from a famous African kennel "Karoskloof'. Tarmo also has titles of inter- and multichampion. We believe this new litter will prove to be very promising.

If you got interested in this wonderful breed and you would like to know answers to your questions, please, contact us and we'll be glad to provide you with the detailed information concerning the breed, its keeping and care for puppies. For this purpose I finished cynologist breeding courses, went with a comission to examinations of other litters of RR My store of knowledge is constantly developing. We love RR and are always disposed to answering to your questions.

Ludmila and Andrey Kotelnikovy
Tel. (095) 399-10-52, (095) 772-65-83